Mannatech Launches PhytoMatrix

Mannatech Introduces a Revolutionary Advancement in Vitamin, Mineral and Phytochemical Supplementation (press release)

Mannatech, Incorporated (Nasdaq: MTEX), announced today it plans to introduce PhytoMatrix, the nutrition industry's first supplement containing fully standardized and completely plant-based vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals.

Modern farming practices have dramatically compromised the nutritional value of many fruits and vegetables. And while experts agree that supplementation can provide the body with these missing nutrients, many supplements contain synthetic, chemically derived, mined or chelated minerals and vitamins that studies show are not readily absorbed or used by the body.

Scheduled for sale beginning during the fourth quarter, PhytoMatrix will not contain any synthetic or chemically derived active ingredients. Instead, it will contain vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that have been absorbed by a plant's roots and stored in its tissue. When harvested, these plants provide all-natural ingredients.


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