Mannatech Acquires New Patent In South Africa

Mannatech, Inc. , a global company engaged in the development of health, weight and fitness and skin care solutions based on nutritional science, announced the Republic of South Africa Patent Office has granted the company patent number 2008/07423 entitled "All Natural Multivitamin and Multimineral Dietary Supplement Formulations for Enhanced Absorption and Biological Utilization" for technology related to its PhytoMatrix caplets and PhytoBurst nutritional chews products.

"The issuance of this new patent extends protection to our research and development of technology related to our PhytoMatrix caplets and PhytoBurst nutritional chews products and is an important addition to our current intellectual property portfolio," said Robert A. Sinnott, Ph.D., MNS, co-CEO and chief science officer of Mannatech. "This is the first patent for technology related to these specific products and we will continue to protect this technology in other parts of the world."

Mannatech said that it currently holds 61 patents in 31 countries for its health-related technologies.

Many of Mannatech's products are based on Real Food Technology solutions , which provide consumers with products that contain standardized levels of natural and plant-sourced nutrients, the Company noted in a release. Food-sourced ingredients are chosen from those scientifically proven to most benefit the human body.


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