Mannatech Announces Transition to Social Entrepreneurship Model

COPPELL, Texas, Jul 11, 2013 -- Mannatech, Incorporated, the leading innovator and provider of nutritional supplements based on Real Food Technology(R) solutions, announced its plans to support its Mission 5 Million movement by completely transitioning its business into a Social Entrepreneurship model at its national MannaQuest(SM) Branson event on August 30, 2013. Mission 5 Million, or M5M, represents Mannatech's mission to link five million consumers of its glyconutrient, food-based nutritional supplements with five million children in need. As a Social Entrepreneurship company, Mannatech has created a nutritional supplement powder specifically designed to help in the fight against global malnutrition. Anytime a consumer purchases a Mannatech product, a donation of nutritional supplementation is provided for a child in need.

According to the World Health Organization, about one third of all child deaths are linked to malnutrition. Since 2010, Mannatech has donated more than 12 million servings of its PhytoBlend(TM) powder in 15 different countries through its original Give for Real(R) program. Building on this foundation, the launch of M5M is a bold, mission-driven shift to focus Mannatech's business model and further undergird its core values and corporate vision. Mannatech is the first Social Entrepreneurship company offering a leverage-based incentive program for those who enlist to champion its cause.

The official transition will take place on August 30, 2013 at Mannatech's national MannaQuest event in Branson, Missouri. Many Mannatech corporate and field speakers, as well as some special featured speakers soon to be announced, will highlight the event. Extended presentations and training regarding the company's programs and products will also be featured at the event.

"I am honored to serve this great company as we take this giant step forward," said Bo Short, President of Business and Field Development. "Being able to financially reward people that champion our cause enables us to accelerate our mission to achieve an even greater impact. The ability to change YOUR world and THE world at the exact same time is a powerful and significant paradigm."

Dr. Robert Sinnott, CEO and Chief Science Officer, added, "Mannatech has always been a company with a big heart and a big purpose. What's different now is the clarity and focus of our mission, and the means and method by which we are setting out to make it a reality. That's what M5M represents. We truly believe it has the ability to change the world."


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