Mannatech Continues to Launch NutriVerus Powder into New International Markets

COPPELL, Texas, Oct 25, 2012 -- Mannatech, Incorporated, the leading innovator and provider of naturally sourced supplements based on Real Food Technology(R) solutions, announced the ongoing launch of its newest nutritional supplement, NutriVerus powder, into many of its international markets. In October alone, the company has already launched the new product in Japan and Canada, and will soon launch in both Mexico and its European markets. In June, NutriVerus powder launched in Korea, and in August,Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The launches were highlighted in some of the country's national conventions and events over the past several weeks. Highlights can be viewed here.

On May 1, 2012, Mannatech released NutriVerus powder in the United States. It immediately became a top-selling product for the company. By the end of November, the global formula will be available in 20 of the company's 22 markets. Mannatech will launch NutriVerus powder in other existing markets around the globe in early 2013.

"NutriVerus powder was purposefully designed to be a global formula for a global company," explains Mannatech CEO and Chief Science Officer Dr. Robert Sinnott. "We're more than pleased with the rapid release in our global markets, and we're eager to leverage this capability even more in 2013."

NutriVerus powder is a glyconutritional supplement with a full complement of food- and plant-sourced vitamins and minerals in a base of phytonutrients from stabilized rice bran and organic fruits and vegetables. All active components of the product come from natural, real-food sources. The supplement is available in powder form and is designed to be flavor-neutral so it can be easily added to any drink or meal, boosting the nutrition of anything you eat.

NutriVerus powder is the centerpiece for Mannatech's Xtreme Food Makeover initiative. The campaign is focused on encouraging anyone to put back into their food the nutrients that are missing in our modern diet, simply by adding NutriVerus powder.


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