Texas AG Probing Mannatech

Texas Attorney General probing Mannatech

Commentary: Focus on health claims for nutritional supplements

SAN DIEGO (MarketWatch) -- The Texas Attorney General's office is investigating and has considered taking legal action against Mannatech, a fast-growing manufacturer of nutritional supplements, whose stock has been one of the year's sizzlers.

Its lead product, Ambrotose -- formally known as a "glyconutritional" -- is a type of sugar pill that has been touted for its ability to treat all sorts of ailments, including Down's Syndrome. The product is sold through company's 49,000 person direct-sales network. An Oct. 24 memorandum in response to a public information request says the state's top cop has "anticipated filing suit against Mannatech" for a number of alleged violations.

The public information request was filed by someone who has sold short Mannatech's shares.


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